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Drain Unblocking

At Drainline we understand there is nothing worse than a blocked drain.

Blockages can occur at any time and are always unexpected, sometimes they can be cleared by rodding but more difficult blockages will need high pressure water jetting.

High Pressure Jetting

This is the most effective way to unblock a drain and has the advantage that the drain will also be cleaned through. Strong jets of water break up any blockage and can remove any grease or scale from the pipe walls. The deposits are then flushed out of the pipe and the drain is returned to a free flowing condition.

All of our vehicles are equipped with high pressure water jetting units. This means that wherever you are we will always have a vehicle within reach.

At Drainline we always try to identify the cause of the blockage. If we think there is something seriously wrong then we recommend a CCTV survey to be carried out. This will identify the problem and we can then provide a full report and quotation to the customer.

For any emergency please contact us on 0800 169 1533.